From clients and students who transformed their lives.

Rosan is God-sent. My entire life changed after my gong, theta and Kundalini yoga sessions with her.

I was depressed and recovering from Breast Cancer treatments when I had a healing session with Rosan. I was struggling with negative thoughts, hopelessness and sadness.

Her sessions have energized me physically and emotionally. It has made me more active and healthy. Mentally she was able to heal several of my strong fears and negative thoughts and beliefs. My frame of mind is more open, accepting and fearless. Her healing work has given me a braver and more positive mind and heart. She was able to help me change my perspective on relationships, myself and how I approach my life. She was able to give me hope and inspiration. She was also able to change the energy of my home and make it a more positive happy space.

If you’re wondering whether you should reach out to work with Rosan, I’d say most definitely! She will change your life.

Thanks so much for all your love and compassion, Rosie! You have really changed my life and I am so grateful to have you as a big part of my journey. 🙂


Rosan has changed me.

 A year ago I was having anxiety attacks. I’ve never thought this life of mine would turn 180-degrees and I couldn’t be any happier. I am more content and more peaceful. I am still a work in progress but I try to live positively everyday.

Rosan has helped me in so many ways. I have learned to love and take care of myself. And because of this, everything has slowly been falling into place. I have started to accept myself for who I am, give time for myself by working less (delegating more) and improve my health and sanity by eating right and working out regularly.

Overall, I feel good about myself and it wouldn’t be possible without your guidance. I am grateful to you. You are a blessing to many.


Rosan is the embodiment of goals and dreams manifest.

Rosan has been my kundalini yoga teacher for two years now. What I love about her is how passionate and generous she is in passing on what she knows about kundalini yoga and the other related healing modalities she practices. Her kundalini yoga classes are always packed with energy and the themes she chooses are always very helpful.

Rosan is a super supportive teacher and friend, who goes beyond what she teaches in class, specifically by giving me 40-day meditations for specific needs and goals that I have, which I make sure to practice alongside my weekly classes with her.

She is a virtual superwoman when it comes to achieving personal goals and targets. She is living proof that energy begets energy, and that giving only makes a person richer. Keep on inspiring us, Rosan!


Teacher Rosan, I am so grateful to the Divine for sending you.

Thank you so much for helping create a shift in my mind. You always give off this beautiful light and I feel like you know exactly what we need.


Rosan, did anyone ever tell you what a great teacher you are?

I am most likely still going to class only because of you as a teacher. You’re not all about preaching. You’re all about making sure your students get it and do it.


So much has changed since I started a regular meditation practice.

Lots of unexpected blessings and lots of love overflowing in my heart. Thank you Teacher Rosan for doing all these to help people bloom. Satnam!


Thank you for taking this path and sharing with us your learnings, experiences and insights. It is why I look forward to attending Kundalini every Monday.


You inspire those of us who vicariously live through you.”

– Roselyn

As always, what you do and who you are is a beacon of light. Keep shining!”

– Maricor



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