Friday, 18 November 2016

Diving into the Blue Ether with Kirantana Khalsa

Anahaw Farms, November 2016
(photo credit: Pia Casequin)
I felt like my soul took quite a trip last weekend at Lipa for "A Road to Enlightenment: Unleash Your True Self" immersion program with Master teacher Kirantana Khalsa. This strange photo taken on the third day of the immersion program seemed to capture that surreal and amazing journey tapping into what connects one with the world and beyond.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the first season of the immersion program called "Autumn Cycle". The program is divided into four seasons. And as in Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere where we see leaves falling from trees, this is the season to let go and release old negativity.

We learned how to create a sacred space by invoking the five elements based on the Tibetan dzogchen so we can safely meditate and access the deep realms of our subconscious.

If you see colors when you meditate, that means you are well along your journey. I must admit that I've been meditating for a long time, starting the hard core way with the 10-day Vipassana. It was only last weekend that I was made to understand what seeing colors meant.

Meditating on Dragon's Breath (photo credit: Gel Legaspi)

We were doing a meditation with the dragon breath for the second time and were tasked to focus. A million thoughts would stream in as usual as I sit and focused on the breath. More thoughts came in and as I wouldn't latch on to any, I started seeing a yellow goldish light infront of me. I could feel a tingly sensation descending upon the top of my head. My senses were heightened.  I could hear the wind blowing and feel it on my face. I could now feel the quiet miracles that Kirnatana was talking about when he quoted John O'Donhue "Take the time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention." Then the color changed to blue and I was transported up, floating beyond the atmosphere.

Photo credit: Pinterest
What is this Blue then? Kirantana calls this place the Blue Ether. He described the process as "We mapped the subconscious - the anger, the fear, every embarrassing admittance - and looked at it carefully. Then [we] shredded it from the brain itself and made an easier access to the Blue Ether where all is possible."

It is also referred to by mystics as the Blue Pearl or Blue Dot. Pranic Healing founder Master Choa Kok Sui referred to it as the Blue Pearl and says "The blue pearl is the 'seed of consciousness' or the mental permanent seed, found in the crown chakra, and located in the pineal gland. Through regular and prolonged meditation of the blue pearl, one gradually experiences one's true nature, which is called the "Buddha Nature' in Buddhism."

The Sikh's believe that the soul begins its journey into the realm of the Blue Ethers after death, specifically 17 days after, and that there are four levels before one experiences absolute and perfect Union of the Divine.  The first level is where the soul undergoes an assessment on how one did based on their purpose.. The soul has 17 days to complete the necessary lessons and if they are not completed, a spirit guide can be called upon to help. The second blue ether level makes way for deeper learning. As the lessons are completed, it is at this stage that one becomes a guide for other souls who need help.

The third level is the domain of the realized soul and can be accessed while alive through deep meditation. Yogi Bhajan said "What kind of body a man shall have, what kind of destiny and fate shall challenge it - is all performed at the stage called the third blue ether." This is the stage where the soul decides to reincarnate again to serve humanity or move onto the fourth level and just be Pure Radiance.

Kirantana says that the Blue Ether is "also the Christ and 1000 more times more compassionate." It is entering into this realm to become pure love and remembering that we are already generous, compassionate and kind.

Grounding with Chi Kung (photo credit: Gel Legaspi)
If you want to experience the Blue Ether and get to know more of your True Self, "A Road to Enlightenment" second weekend of the Autumn Cycle continues on December 2 to 4, 2016 and will touch on Soul Retrieval, Mapping of the Subconscious through the Six Chakras, Emptying the Negative from the Heart, Organ Smiling, Exorcism of Discursive Emotions.

I'm not promising that you'll start seeing colors when your sit and meditate or anything like the photo taken of me, but you will surely start peeling off your subconscious away and get through the layers of everything from the outside and hopefully, go down to the real you and maybe learn how to, as Kirantana drilled on us, "Live one day as a Lion than a hundred days as a sheep."