Thursday, 17 October 2013

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol, call for help

Gai's post on October 15
The first time I heard of the news that fateful day was when I saw Gai's post at 8:40 am  of a 'very strong' earthquake in Cebu and noted a very slight one in Siargao where she's currently based.

She wrote "My boyfriend called me ... narrating what was happening as they were occurring - the lamps, mirrors were rattling, the water in the glass was jumping, things were falling off shelves."

An hour later, I watched on TV, Philippine Institute of Volcanology (Philvocs) director Renato Solidum explaining that the earthquake was tectonic in origin and occurred about 8:12 am. The magnitude was 7.2 on the Richter scale with Bohol as the epicenter, and the depth was 33 kilometers. Intensity 7 was felt in Tagbilaran City, Bohol and Cebu City while Intensity 6 in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental and Dumaguete. He added to expect aftershocks. As of yesterday,  823 aftershocks were recorded.

Intensity VII  (source: Philvocs intensity scale
Intensity, according to Philvocs, is a measure of how an earthquake was felt in a certain locality or area. An intensity 7 is destructive (left image) where most people are frightened and run outdoors, heavy objects and furniture topple, old or poorly built structures suffer considerable damage.. and landslides are observed. Note that magnitude is a measure of the motions recorded by a seismograph.

The last 7.9 magnitude earthquake happened 21 years ago on July 16, 1990 with the epicenter in Nueva Ecija.

The latest update from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) indicated that the death toll has reached 156 (144 in Bohol), 374 injuries and 22 missing. Out of the total 631,809 families affected, 9,359 families were displaced. A total of 2,066 houses were damaged in both provinces; 20 bridges and four roads are still not passable in Bohol.  75% of the power supply in Bohol has been restored. In terms of cost, a total of P75 million worth of damaged roads, bridges and flood control was reported in Cebu (P17.6 million) and Bohol (P57.5 million).

Bohol's historic 1795 Loay  church  
source @tonycruz
At least nine centuries-old churches were damaged. The Heritage Conservation Society said in a statement that the earthquake "destroyed significant heritage landmarks in Bohol and Cebu, causing total destruction or significant damage to the churches in Baclayon, Dauis, Dimiao, Loay, Loboc, Loon and Maribojoc in Bohiol, all National Cultural Treasures or National Historic Landmarks; and the Sto Niño Basilica and Cebu Cathedral among others in both provinces".

Emma, a friend who owns a resort in Bohol, sent out a plea on Facebook yesterday before the arrival of  President PNoy and Vice President Binay. She wrote: "We are all safe and sound in Panglao Island after experiencing non-stop aftershocks all over Bohol. We are very sorry for the rest of Bohol and hope the media will deliver the message to concentrate not on the heritage structures but to the people who are victims of the quake. There are more damages in the hospitals and evacuation areas esp inlands and highlands. Please visit the rest of Bohol including northern part as we have not heard of what's going on that side. Bohol needs assistance esp Carmen, Loboc, Baclayon, Maribojoc, Loon, Catigbian and other inland/highland areas. I am sorry to hear that some people are more concerned about the arrival of Pnoy and Binay. We are very pleased but please 'wake-up'!!!"

Right now, she is organizing a medical mission and relief drive for the hard hit towns of Loon and Maribojoc. She is accepting help and donations either in cash or medicine and to drop off  items in her home at 66 Ecology Village Gate 5 in Makati (next to Alphaland) or to text Denise at +917 820-2081.  Courrier companies JRS and LBC are delivering said items to Bohol. She plans to bring food, medicine and relief goods to these towns this weekend.

For medicine and supplies, she needs: Mefenamic acid 250 and 500mg. Salbutamol nebules, paracetamol bioflu, captopril, ORS oral rehydration salt, ibuprofen, loperamide, buscopan, kremil s, betadine, band aids, hotpacks, gauze pads, plasters,rolling bandages, pnss for flushing, cold and hot packs, alcohol, examination gloves, masks, triangular bandages, cotton, serc, antihistamine, syringe, dextrose and needles, etc.

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