Monday, 6 May 2013

Are your fingers twitching?

Madonna and Marisa HarNadh
Well, mine are. Specifically the right forefinger and middle finger. I realized this only yesterday in Anilao and my friends kidded that the cause may probably be from playing too much Candy Crush on my iPad.

Actually Madonna pointed out that I may be experiencing manifestations of kundalini.  I've recently started kundalini yoga upon her prodding. I messaged our  teacher, Marisa HarNadh to inquire about the twitching to which she said  "we're not yet doing anything in our Kundalini practice to trigger a full blown Kundalini Awakening.. if anything, the journey through the chakras will unclog blocks in your healing system to help you."  

Marisa added "An awakening is not without its inconveniences but certainly worth the effort. When we begin to awaken spiritually, new kundalini energy is released from our root chakras to travel throughout our beings. In order for this greater energy to flow through, our energetic channels have to expand to accommodate it. If we are carrying any blocks or impediments to the stronger flow, this when they will become apparent."

Aside from the fingers twitching, my body has been doing strange things lately. Madonna's 8-year old daughter noticed my right eye was spasmic last weekend and asked her mum why it was rolling off the wrong way. Yikes! Marisa explained that  in kundalini "when energy suddenly breaks free, we may experience ... muscle twitches, rushes or surges of energy, spontaneous movement and vocalizations - the list is extensive."   She said these strange physical manifestations happen because 'we simply haven't yet developed the capacity for greater flow."

I've been practicing yoga for quite some time but this is the first time I'm doing Kundalini yoga. According to Swami Sivananda, "Kundalini Yoga at its highest form is practiced for the purpose of attaining bliss, opening the heart center, developing power, serving others, attaining self-realization and ultimately merging into God consciousness."   

Ravi Singh described a typical Kundalini yoga class as follows: it starts  with a breathing exercise, then spinal warm ups and stretching followed by a set called a Kriya. He said that a Kriya is "a poetic progression of exercises which work in concert to create a synergistic, multi-dimensional exponential effect. One Kriya might focus on detoxing the liver or working through creative blocks, mastering your moods or possbly developing will power." 

Anyway, Marisa said not to worry and everything is fixable. She advised to observe symptoms and not to panic. She said "anything your body may have incurred due to lifestyle and experiences can be healed." 

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