Monday, 21 January 2013

Sinulog: Viva Pit Senor!!

dancing on the streets with face painted
That's all I could here and see in Cebu during the Sinulog festival: Viva Pit Senor!

The cheer is short for Panangpit sa Senyor a plea to the Senor Santo Nino or the Holy Child Jesus whose feast Cebu observes during the third Sunday of January each year. As the story goes, the image of the Sto. Nino was presented as a gift to chieftain Rajah Humabon by Ferdinand Magellan when he first landed in the Philippines, in Cebu in 1521.

The festival is a nine day long event. We were lucky to get a flight to Cebu and witness the culminating event which is the Grand Float Parade, where we were part of the Casino Femme Alcohol float. Note that Casino won first place several times in the past. This year, it placed second.

Well, for those who want to join the fanfare - book your flight and hotel early and be prepared to be painted, doused and to dance all day long under the sun! It was sure hot during the day so wear - shorts, comfortable shoes, hat and like the Cebuanos, have fun!!!
Tessa, Marcie posing infront of the crowd's favorite float
 Jean, Pauline and Bombom onboard the Casino Femme Float
more revelers

foreigners enjoying the parade

wear comfortable shoes

crowd along the way

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