Monday, 12 November 2012

Eat right for your blood type, not cohen

This 'eat right for your blood type' diet is definitely less expensive than Cohen at PhP 1,980 for three months! @RezzyWezy mentioned this new diet called CGN - which stands for chrono-geno-nutrition. Her main motivation for dieting is, I quote - "I don't want to be a size XL on my wedding day!!"  She found Dr. Claude Chauchard who founded CGN through one of her numerous online deals.

Since I've been packing a few pounds lately, yes, believe it or not, I went online and signed up too. It's actually quite easy because I don't have to do any blood work or go to a clinic for a face-to-face consultation. Everything is done online. I filled up a form where I indicated my height/weight, blood type and eating behavior - specifically, eating out and gluten-free.

Here's a sample meal plan which I would've started today (well... no time to shop).

First week's Chrono-Geno-Nutrition diet
Chauchard Tea (photo from CGN site)
The meal  portions are quite small and measured in grams and/or a cup. As a bonus, 70% dark chocolate is recommended daily as a snack; however, the amount is limited to two squares only. And Chauchard tea is to be taken with every meal.

This tea must be the secret of CGN (?!?). It's easy to prepare and the ingredients are available in the supermarket or organic store.  Just mix one piece star anise, 5 sprigs of thyme (or tarragon) and 5 sprigs of rosemary in one liter water and boil.

In the video shown online, Dr. Chauchard guarantees a 5-pound weight loss in the first week. Hmm.... and I only need to lose six pounds.


Drive Master said...

hi! so how is it so far? I'm planning to sign up too! :)

couchwasabi said...

did it work? I think I'm more secured with SureSlim Eating plan