Tuesday, 27 November 2012

J-Lo's Dance Again Tour in Manila

My favorite "Let's get Loud"
Karaoke time with "If you had my love"
Yessss!! I am a J-Lo fan and definitely wouldn't miss this concert despite the ummm -pricey ticket. I just love J-Lo!!

I was totally enthralled by her high energy, non stop dancing, her forever windblown hair and her genuine kindness.

Between sets, she would  reach out on all fours and extend her hand for a high five or handshake. She even cried out "Mahal Kita Manila"!!

In the second set she pulled a fan onstage to sing "if you had my love" with her (lucky lucky girl, right photo) and to top it all she kept  hugging her!

Towards the end of the set, someone threw a Philippine flag onstage. She wrapped the flag around her and grabbed a camera from one of the fans and took a photo of herself onstage. She's totally adorable!!!

check out the abs "Going In"
The concert promptly started at 9pm where came out all glitzy in a diamond body suit and from then on, it was non-stop dancing for an hour and half.   Which also meant non-stop dancing for us in the audience.

The die-hard-fans next to me were not too happy though. She didn't sing the whole tour's set list last night (that's 25 songs).  Well, thank god I didn't get a chance to compare. I thoroughly enjoyed J-Lo and ended with sore feet from dancing all night!!

Here's Manila's set list (note: my service unit is still funky so the videos below are not mine but sourced from youtube):
1. Get Right
2. Love Don't Cost a Thing
3. I'm into You
4. Waiting for Tonight
5. Going In
6. I'm Real
7, Aint it Funny
8. Jenny from the Block
9. If you had my Love
10. Until it Beats no More
11. Lets Get Loud
12. Papi
13. On the Floor
14. Dance Again
and she's totally enamorata dancing with her beau

ends with a blast
and check out her tweet today:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Philippine Holidays 2013, time to plan!!

As early as August, P-Noy has already declared via Proclamation No. 459 the regular holidays and special non-working days for the year 2013. Alas, unlike this year's seven long weekend breaks, 2013 has only four long weekends - - specifically, three 3-day weekends and one 4-day weekend. It would be great if the government can either move the Tuesday holidays (April 9 and August 21) to a Monday.

Here's the regular and special holiday for 2013:

January 1 (Tue) - New Year's Day

February 25 (Mon) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary (only for schools)

March 28 (Thu) - Maundy Thursday
March 29 (Fri) - Good Friday

April 9 (Tue) - Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valour)

May 1 (Wed) - Labor Day

June 12 (Wed) - Independence Day

August 21 (Tue) - Niony Aquino Day
August 26 (Mon) - National Heroes Day

November 1 (Fri) - All Saints Day
November 2 (Sat) - Additional special non-working day
November 30 (Sat) - Bonifacio Day

December 25 (Wed) - Christmas Day
December 30 (Mon) - Rizal Day

The national holidays for the observance of Eid'l Fitr and Ediul Adha shall be announced after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined with the Islamic calander (Hijira) or the lunar calendar.

Eat right for your blood type, not cohen

This 'eat right for your blood type' diet is definitely less expensive than Cohen at PhP 1,980 for three months! @RezzyWezy mentioned this new diet called CGN - which stands for chrono-geno-nutrition. Her main motivation for dieting is, I quote - "I don't want to be a size XL on my wedding day!!"  She found Dr. Claude Chauchard who founded CGN through one of her numerous online deals.

Since I've been packing a few pounds lately, yes, believe it or not, I went online and signed up too. It's actually quite easy because I don't have to do any blood work or go to a clinic for a face-to-face consultation. Everything is done online. I filled up a form where I indicated my height/weight, blood type and eating behavior - specifically, eating out and gluten-free.

Here's a sample meal plan which I would've started today (well... no time to shop).

First week's Chrono-Geno-Nutrition diet
Chauchard Tea (photo from CGN site)
The meal  portions are quite small and measured in grams and/or a cup. As a bonus, 70% dark chocolate is recommended daily as a snack; however, the amount is limited to two squares only. And Chauchard tea is to be taken with every meal.

This tea must be the secret of CGN (?!?). It's easy to prepare and the ingredients are available in the supermarket or organic store.  Just mix one piece star anise, 5 sprigs of thyme (or tarragon) and 5 sprigs of rosemary in one liter water and boil.

In the video shown online, Dr. Chauchard guarantees a 5-pound weight loss in the first week. Hmm.... and I only need to lose six pounds.