Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yogabody Detox with Lucas Rockwood

Lucas Rockwood
Lucas Rockwood was in Manila last weekend and conducted a "Yoga Detox Retreat" at Yoga Plus. The program consisted of yoga exercises, breathing techniques and a 3-day 100% liquid diet. Yup, no solids! He said that  the program is designed to reboot our bodies and "one of the most exciting things this process is, changes can happen very quickly."

Very quickly indeed. In three days, I lost four kilos and didn't feel weak at all. I experienced a slight headache though on the second day which may be a withdrawal symptom from no coffee.

It's actually safe to do the detox program on your own. He gave us three simple steps. First is elimination through yoga-based breathing techniques, sweating through yoga and the all- liquid diet guaranteed regular treks to the bathroom to pee out all the toxins.

Second is through proper rest. Mind you, this is not through sleeping or being immobile. How then? Rest by not eating any solids.  Yup, no solid intake. He said "On any given day, digestion takes 40% (or more) of your body's energy and resources... by cutting your digestive demands by 75%, your body can devote the same energy toward self-cleansing." The all liquid diet requires only 25% of the usual digestive energy to process.

one of the six juices
And lastly, through superfood nutrition to simultaneously detoxify and rebuild body. He defined 'Superfoods' as those loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and phytonutirents.
We were provided six bottles of freshly made juices and one uncooked soup taken every two hour intervals throughout the day. The juices contain dark greens, fruits, grains and seeds and essential fat acids (e.g. flax seeds). 

Pre-tox tips: reduce or eliminate anything made with wheat, dairy and caffeine;  increase water consumption to at least three liters a day; and, add green vegetables to at least two meals each day. And to break the fast,  he recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and to eat slowly.

the detoxers
Lucas said that we all have toxins inside us that need to come out. I guess from everywhere - the air we breathe, foodstuff, pesticide sprays, etc. As a parting word, I'm sharing his advise- - 'how you choose to live your life before and after the cleanse is totally up to you; but right now, I'd be smart to take some action because when you lower your toxic load, you feel better - - a LOT better."

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