Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And the winners of CrossFit Manila's Paleo Challenge are...

Incredible! The winners of the 30-day Paleo Challenge indeed S H R U N K. Here's Team 26's pre- (flubby) and post- (stud) shots: 

Based on the March 15 scoreboard, I placed my bet on Team 5 and alas, they came in second place. My partner Mel and I didn't make it to the top ten but we did  lose weight. I dropped down from 54  to 51 kilos in the last week. Mind you though, not because of the challenge but I managed to mangle my pinky toe and thus, lost 3 kilos from not working out! LOL! Meantime, my partner Mel was drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day and that for me is the greatest outcome of this Challenge!

Congratulations to the winners and particpants. I'll definitely sign up in the next Challenge where this time, the odds will be in my favor.

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