Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fuerza Bruta: Look Up in Manila

Look up indeed!  The hour-long interactive show will thrill your senses and wow you from start to finish. The voice over announced  before the opening act, more like aptly warned  "you will be asked to be moved around the space..". Well, we weren't only moved around but also smashed with styropor, showered with water, squatted and danced at the end.

The show will run for six weeks in Manila Hotel's tent. Of all the scenes, my  favorite was the water performance where mermaid-like swimmers jumped into a pool (mylar material) and  danced,  grappled, wrestled - then, the whole contraption descended down to us where we ended squatting and some,  tried to reach up to touch the surface. Absolutely incredible!

Here are some scenes to whet your appetite. 

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