Monday, 13 February 2012

Crossfit Manila's 30-day Paleo Challenge

Daily food points
Yup, I signed up again to do another Paleo Challenge despite the fact that I lost in the last one - i.e. Gai's challenge.  Well, one thing for sure, this is an official Crossfit Manila tourney and from Feb 15, the official start date to March 16, there will be NO merry making. A tip for those would be challengers is NOT to do it during Christmas time.

I'm team # 1 and my team mate is gungho and ultra strong Mel, so I must be in good company.  Miggy, the organizer, made it easy for us to monitor our progress by posting an 'update daily food points' online. Basically minus one point per occasion  for carbs/legumes/dairy intake, including sugar and processed food; and minus one point per glass of alcohol consumed. I don't smoke so I don't have to deal with minus 3 points per stick of cigarette used. The plus points are: 2 points per night for eight hours of sleep, 2 points for one WOD per day and 3 points for head-to-head which Miggy says "you compete versus another team on a day that you both agree on."

Paleo is short for Paleolithic because the diet mimics that of the cavemen where they hunt and gather food. For protein, the general rule is to eat lean meats (preferably grass-fed), eggs from free roaming chickens, wild fish, and wild game (venison). For carbs, preferably organic vegetables (or if possible, grow your own), avoid starchy vegetables (potatoes) and legumes (peanuts, beans, peas and soybeans). Fruit is also a good source of carbs, but avoid genetically modified organisms and fruit juices. For fats, use organic and cold pressed oils so they remain chemically unchanged (preferably coconut and olive oils), avocados and coconuts (both are my favorites), nuts (walnuts, pecans and macadamia),  seeds and drink lots and lots of water. And for coffee drinkers, take it black or add unsweetened almond milk. The diet excludes agriculture and  processed foods - such as dairy (again, eggs are not dairy!), grains, legumes, refined sugars - - and also, no sugars including agave, organic honey,and  molasses.

Well, since MDP's retreat, I'm now a vegetarian. Hmm... I wonder how long can I sustain this Paleo vegan style of eating since I cannot eat carbs or legumes (string beans, peas, corn, etc). Hope I survive!

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