Monday, 10 October 2011

Gai's Paleo Challenge: I accept!

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Today is D-day! I accepted Gai's Paelo Challenge and will now eat like a caveman for two months.

Paleo is short for Paleolithic referring to the Stone Age era where basically, at that time, hunters gathered fruits, nuts, some vegetables and protein. Yes, this diet means no grains because there was no agriculture then.

I joined Cross Fit Manila last week. It's a strength and conditioning fitness program that combines weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, kettlebell training, plyometrics, rowing and medicine ball. The workouts are pretty intense - limited to 4 to 8 (like my first WOD, left photo) for a total of 20-minutes. The key is to do as many rounds as possible or AMRAPS within the time allotted.

Paleo seems to be the defacto diet for these lean and strong CrossFitters since everyone in the gym  is on it.

Here's Gai's challenge starting today, 10.10.11 until 12.10.11:

The No-No's:
- Anything containing gluten, including beer.
- The five major culprits: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, dessert
- Grains, legumes, beans (including their sprouts), corn, soy (including tofu and soy sauce)
- Dairy
- Sugar (including raw sugar and honey)
- Processed food/drinks (including Knorr cubes, sinigang mixes, etc. Trick: if it comes in a packet, it's out)

What I can devour:
- Meat - If grassfed is an option, choose grassfed.  (Note: I guess I can eat Prado Farm's organic lechon). 
- Seafood
- Eggs - including the yolk.
- Vegetables, with a special emphasis on green, leafy vegetables and cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage)
- Fruits - If having watermelon, try to have it separately from anything else and within a few hours of eating other things. You should digest this on its own.
- Nuts
- Seeds
- Salt, pepper, dried and fresh herbs
- Tea
- Oil - for cooking, use lard or coconut oil. For salads, use olive oil.

Negotiated, Concessions:
- Vinegar - Balsamic, apple cider, red wine, tuba, etc. Read the label and choose one with a few additives as possible.
- Fish sauce, bagoong - Read the label and choose one with a few additives as possible. (Note: I seldom take any of these sauces, should re-negotiate).
- Dark Chocolate - minimum 70% dark, 2 bars per week. (check ingredients for any gluten content. If it contains a hit of gluten, it's out).
- Red wine OR tequila OR vodka (as shots, on the rocks or with soda water) - one night per week
- When you are dining out, inform your server that you cannot have anything with flour, milk and sugar. Avoid saucy items on the menu as you cannot tell if mixes were added to it. As much as possible, order anything grilled or roasted with roasted vegetables or a salad (all gravies, sauces and dressing on the side).

The Exercise:
- CrossFit minimum requirement first month: 3x a week (at least one on the weekend)
- CrossFit minimum requirement second month: 4x a week (at least one on the weekend)
- Mandatory: 2 days rest per week (doing absolutely ZERO workouts) with recommended fasting a bit. Do NOT eat if not hungry.

Points per week: 50

Bonus Points:
- No cheating (including dark chocolate and alcohol) per week = +10 points
- Eight hours sleep within a 24-hour period = +2 points per night
- >Rx Cross Fit = +1 point for 4x, +2 point for 5x (Second month: no extra points for 4x a week but +1 point for 5x).

Minus Points:
- Zero exercise = -10 points
- <Rx CrossFit (1-2x per week) = -3 points
- <Rx rest = -10points
- Consuming ANYTHING with gluten (including beer) = -50 per incidence
- Consuming ANY of the five major culprits = -50 per incidence
- Consuming legumes, beans, corn, soy, dairy, sugar = -5 per incidence
- Consuming more than the concession for alcohol = -5 per evening

If I score lower than 200 points per month, I owe Gai a bottle of Grey Goose or Patron XO per month. And If I fall off the wagon, I owe her a very expensive steak din.

Alors, for moi - if I make it, she guarantees that I will lose my targeted 4-kilos and hence, can fit back into my clothes. Wish me luck!

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gai said...

Ahem! Read your e-mail closely. It's one bottle of 42 Below now AND (not OR) one bottle of Patron XO.