Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Most reliable weather forecast site:!

It's the rainy season alright but strange that its way too hot. I guess we can all point at climate change for this bizarre unpredictable weather. I can no longer rely on my usual weather sources -  AccuWeather and even  Weather Underground-  since lately, both have been pretty off. So, for this weekend's beach plan, I am happy to be introduced to WindGURU.

WindGuru is the preferred site for most windsurfers and kitesurfers. It can provide forecasts in any place on the planet. For the Philippines, it has 36 spots to choose from and I'm pretty sure its all the popular surf destinations. The site gives a forecast for the next few days in increments of  3-hours starting at 05-hour. There is a disclaimer though that the data provided should not be deemed as the official forecast. According to the site, "What you see is only raw model data in human readable format, it's up to you how to interpret it. Please note that models are only models..., predicting weather is extremely difficult task and these models are very complicated, if the forecasts are not perfect, it's normal."

The forecasts are shown in tables indicating the wind speed and direction including the wave height and period, temperature, cloud cover, precipitation in milimeters for every 3 hours and the wind rating.   So, if I do go to Subic this weekend, the weather forecast is:


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