Sunday, 20 March 2011

Utol Jess of Haring Bakal

I met Utol Jess Verallo of Haring Bakal fame (literally translated as "King Iron") in the Academy of Wholistic Healing Arts or AWHAI. This is the one of the alternative healing centers I frequent; particularly for Dorn therapy, Hilot massage, Reiki and once, for  psychic surgery.

The center,  founded in 2003, is run by Jo Bilasano, a noted spiritual healer, reiki master and who is regarded as a 'saint' in Russia. Her  vision is to develop the latent healing power in each one of us.

On March 23, I trekked to AWHAI to witness Utol Jess' mystical rites. He uses a "bolo", a long heavy, single-edged knife (right photo) to strike those who wish to receive protection against harmful metal objects - this includes knives and yes, bullets! Mind you the bolo is very, very sharp.

The number of strikes depends on the level. The first timers are struck six times: three on the thigh and the other three on the gut. The second level is 21 strikes  which includes the legs. The third level is 36 strikes which includes the nape. And lastly,  57 strikes which includes the two sides of the neck and the head.

Not just anyone can receive this special gift. Utol Jess is quite strict in his selection process. Aside from requiring to submit NBI, police and barangay clearances, he does a special prayer first to sense if the person's intention is right.

Here's a video of the second level:

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