Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Warning to all: Facebook can be hacked!!!!!

I was happily sitting here in Golda Meier Training Center in Haifa (Israel) listening to author and consultant Eren Ketter discussing Media Strategies when I got this chat text from Rogy. it seemed harmless since he started off with a "how are you?" greeting until he said that he was "in a deep mess." The chat went as follows:

good!! hot here.
how are you?
2:35pm Rogy
i see
well am not good
am in a deep mess right now
2:35pm Rosan
what do you mean?????
2:36pm Rogy
I'm in london right now
for a quick business
I got mugged last night at gun point,all cash,phones,credit card gone!
2:37pm Rosan
oh my god!! can you go to the embassy??? are you ok?
2:38pm Rogy
thank God i still have life to live and my passport
2:38pm Rosan
do you have a place to stay?
2:38pm Rogy
i'm in a hotel
2:39pm Rosan
your mum knows?
2:39pm Rogy
i need your urgent help
nobody knows,i dont want to scare anyone
i will tell them when i get back
2:39pm Rosan
what do you want me to do... workshop starting now.
2:41pm Rogy
could you spare me some $$$$,i need to settle the hotel bills and then take a cab down to the airport
2:53pm Rosan
will tell your sister. Thanks.
2:56pm Rogy
dont tell her
i dont want to shock anyone
dont tell Sussan ok

Bingo! His sister's name is not 'Susann' so this is obviously a scam. I should have been tipped off with the language. "Deep mess" is not normally used in the Philippines. I thought Facebook is one of the safer sites. But then again, I guess nothing is 'safe'. Be warned. Change your passwords often and be careful with what you post. Your site can be hacked.
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