Saturday, 4 July 2009

H1N1 scare

I've been down with a persistent cough and slight fever for the last three days and decided to go to the hospital last night to check on my chest pain. Boy, what a mistake! I forgot about the H1N1 standard operating procedure instituted now in ERs.
My condition actually started with an itchy throat last Tuesday after lunch and then turned into a dry cough in the evening. TP suggested to take Ciprobay which helped her with her colds. The next day, my condition worsened - I had fever, pain in my hands and feet, sniffles and then, the nagging cough. Val recommended to take baking soda mixed with water and Mandy, calamansi juice with a dash of salt. Doc AP added to my arsenal, muscolvan for my cough, decolgen for colds, and paracetamol for fever every four hours. He said not to take antibiotics and besides my ailment may be viral not bacterial; however, since I've started, he said to complete the 5-day course.
I was much better yesterday - the colds disappeared and I was moving about. But my chest was painful thus, the trip to ER in Medical City where everyone was wearing masks and most of the patients were coughing. The attending nurse took my vitals and started asking questions like "where you ever out of the country the last ten days?" Bingo! Forgot. He said to proceed to the second floor, for H1N1 cases. H1N1? yikes.
The internist on duty, Dra. Casipit went through the list of symptoms. I didn't have runny nose, loss of appetite muscle pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or even experienced altered state. But since I have asthma, I face greater risk of developing complications and therefore, have to undergo tests which consisted of the painful nose and throat swab, CBC and xray. I thought of escaping at this point. My aunt who accompanied me to the hospital warned that if I did, the department of health will hunt me down.
So, I complied and went through the tests. I had to wait for the results though before I could be discharged. After three hours in the hospital, the doctor cleared me (yipee!) and prescribed more meds. She also said that the chest pain is caused by the cough. Duh! She should have told me that in the first place instead of undergoing all the tests and having to wait in the germ-infested environment.
I'm glad that I'm cleared. I'm getting all sorts of reaction for my condition. A friend of mine texted this afternoon "I'll be in your hood, is it safe for me to visit you?"

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