Wednesday, 29 April 2009

PAL's REAL DEAL Promo is REALLY a BIG deal

Well, it sure is especially since i tried to book a flight online and tried calling last Monday. I got a text from Baby T last Sunday saying to chek out Philippine Airlines' (PAL) two-day promo. I immediately forwarded the text to Jun N so he can plan our trip.
Jun stayed up all night Sunday online and finally gave up by noon the next day. He decided to go to the PAL ticket office to queue. Lo and behold, there were hundreds there. He waited three hours and since it was a real steal at USD 508 round-trip to Las Vegas including taxes, he booked two trips.
I guess people got wind of it because the next day, Marjo B rushed to PAL's ticket office at 4:30pm where she was served queue ticket # 815. At 9:00pm, she got a booking and was ticketed at midnight. She didn't mind the wait since she paid only PhP19,000 all-in to Melbourne. She said that there were about 150 people still waiting when she left.
Warning to those booking domestic flights online during these "real deals", it will be useless to do so. Best bet is to book through your travel agent where they can access directly through their system. The downside is you pay a transaction or service fee. The upside is you don't waste time. And to those who wish to avail of the promo, skip the online system and go straight to the ticket office!

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