Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Orbs in Banahaw

When I showed my Banahaw photos to Tesa P, she said "what orbs??.. that must be dust from your camera!" It can't be specks of dust because the orbs are perfectly round-shaped of various sizes, colors and there is some kind of geometric pattern within.

If you look closely at the orb in the left photo, you'll see a baby's face in it! Well, unfortunately I couldn't make it out and saw instead a Mickey Mouse-shape.

I took some shots while trekking in Dolores, Banahaw along the river bed from San Bernardo to the falls in Sta. Lucia. The orbs appeared in the first "puesto" (right photo) and kept registering until we reached our destination.

Dave Juliano of the defines an orb as "the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. This may not even be a conscious thing the spirit is doing, just a natural way they get their energy." He said that this would explain why the orbs are round balls. According to the laws of Physics, energy being transferred like that would assume a natural shape of a sphere. This theory can also be tied into the EMF readings we get during spirit activity.

A dormant volcano, Banahaw is reputed to be a center of psychic energy. It stands on a power point where the ley lines of the earth intersect and experts say that wherever such latitudes and longitudes meet, they create energy fields that allow higher frequencies of perception, physiological or otherwise. People living in the foot of the mountain speaks of apparitions of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and even Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

Frank Regis of the InterSelf Empowerment Institute said that Banahaw can be summarized into one word which is Healing - this is, physical, emotional, spiritual healing. Banahaw has all the natural healing "OIC" factors - that is, 21% Oxygen versus less in the city, nourishing negative Ions from moving water (falls)and the energy of Chi.

He said that most people who visit Banahaw go for healing to visit the so-called power sites (note: 200 sites) or locally referred to as sacred "puetos." These "puestos" can be a spring, waterfall, stream, tunnel, face of a rock, cave. Regis said the visits to the sites are structured for physical cleansing, inner purification, a connection to natural energies that leads to the experience of relaxation and peacefulness.
The popular areas are Sta Lucia, Yapak, palacio ni Moses (left photo), colegios de santos, jusgado and Jacob's well.

Well, whatever it is in Banahaw, the orbs only registerd in MY camera. So, either I'm picking up the energy or my point-and-shoot can record EMF readings and is therefore very high tech! Whatever it is, I find myself going back to Banahaw where its wildness and beauty evoke inner stillness.

Note that Banahaw is still closed for climbers. The areas open are Dolores (low level at 1200 ft) and Kinabuhayan (mid-level).

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