Monday, 16 March 2009

Yehey to law against Videoke!

All i can say is, its about time! Thank god to peace and quiet. Well... I'm not sure when though. As i'm writing this, i can hear a male voice trying to be an Arnel Pineda, shrieking so loudly his version of "Open Arms". I'm at the fifth floor of an apartment building and he's singing somewhere below, in one of the houses behind my building. I am tempted to call the police again to complain... Yes, i did call last December 2008 and the barangay police said to wait until midnight since "its the season to be jolly."
Oh, I just placed a place a call to Patrol 117 at 11:53pm. Compared to my last experience, the call was quite fast. I told the lady that I'm complaining about a videoke noise. She just asked for the address. Lets see how long it will take for them to dispatch a police... She said that the ordinance is now 10pm onwards.
I know we pinoys are known worldwide for our singing prowess but man please do it during the day or keep that volume down. The craze has already reached the hinterlands even in the mystical mountain of Banahaw where everything is supposedly sacred and where I was to enjoy my weekend of peace and solitude a month ago.
I'm definitely in favor of Congress passing a law against noise pollution specified as "an act providing for aviation noise management and reduction in residential areas" this means banning excessive videoke, radio and TV-volume noise. The penalty for this offence is by imprisonment not exceeding one (1) month or a fine not exceeding P200.
Congress should emulate Davao City Maor Rodrigo Duterte where he ordered the banning of videoke machines as early as September 2008 inside residential areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It's 12:22am and no sign of police since the same man is still singing. I'm going to wear ear plugs and go to sleep! Good night!

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Lilo Gutierrz said...

i agree with you there. i will sign anything that will help pass that law