Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pain in the butt

I have a pain in the butt... it's no joke, I'm literally experiencing discomfort in my left behind. The pain manifested on Dec 1, a month after the the New York marathon when my left knee gave way. I've seen two doctors and despite rehab, this pain won't just go away. (Note though that the traction relieved my cervical slipped disc which recurred and eased my lower back pain). So, call me a cyberchondria but I checked online and based on the symptoms and web description, i think i have piriformis syndrome..
Online MD says "Your piriformis muscle attaches from your hip to your sacrum (base of your back). Therefore, when your piriformis muscle is tight, it can pull on your sacrum, which then pulls on your lower back, placing additional strain on it. Your piriformis is a deep muscle in your buttock region." Hello, this is it.
Anyway, i finally went to see Magoo's highly recommended sports ortho - Dr Gar Eufemio, today. And guess what - - he said i do have piriformis syndrome.. A N D ... iliotibal band (ITB) syndrome (the tendon that runs along the side of the leg from the hip to a point just below the knee) triggered by patellofemoral stress syndrome (knee injury). Oh wow...the doc said "everything is connected" and prescribed meds and recommended to see his partner for rehab, Dr. Rafanan who wil release knots through mayofacsial therapy. Gosh, I should have gone straight to Dr Rafanan He was the one who helped me get over my heel spur problem last August i.e. recommended physical therapy and also put me on 3x elliptical training and water running so i won't loose my fitness level.
I just checked online MD and says that ITB is casued by: worn out shoes or shoes with inadequate cushioning, too much mileage or sudden increase in mileage. Looking back, I guess I had a brewing ITB problem because I only started increasing mileage from 15km, 21km to 42km after the heel spur eased or two months before the marathon. Well, the good news is, Dr Eufemio says that after mayo (he doesnt know how many releases though), I should be back on track soon. yoohoo!

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