Thursday, 6 November 2008

New York Marathon

Boo posted my race results in the office e-Group. He wrote "One of ours made it in New York! Rosan completed the grueling New York Marathon yesterday. here is her time as she went through the various milestones. I say it is quite an achievement, powered by sheer guts and determination on rosan's part as she trained relentlessly for the event even in the face of a problem she has with a heel spur she had to overcome just weeks before she had to leave for new york..."
It was a very humbling experience. I was going well until I injured my left knee at the 30km mark. I remember stepping on a plastic cap (one of the gels) which sort of made me off balance. On the 23nd mile, I was already limping and had to stop at the Medical Unit where one of the doctors wrapped my knee. On the 25th mile, I was handed a foil blanket since it was getting cold. It was a very looong mile, I thought I would end up crawling since walking was becoming unbearable.
The race was indeed DIFFICULT. But I must say, I love the new york crowd who kept cheering us on to continue running offering food, water and even music (bands were playing at every corner).
A volunteer group called Achilles Heels (established in 1983 to encourage disabled people to participate in long-distance running with the gneral public) invited me to walk w them. Keke, from South Africa whose upper left-side is half paralyzed, was doing the marathon with his trainer Dennis (an Achiles Heel volunteer from South Afrca, shoe designer) and an american volunteer called Ernie. Their company really helped. Talking got my mind off the pain and Dennis told me to swing my arms which helped me walk faster. I crossed the finish line arm-in-arm with my adoptive 'team' and other Achilles Heels volunteers.(that's me in purple arm-in-arm in the photo).
Thank God I finished this race!

Event Information:
Event: The ING New York City Marathon
Runner: Rosanna Kristine Cruz
Location Time Pace/mile
5km 0:34:26 11:04
10km 1:11:13 11:27
15km 1:48:00 11:35
20km 2:26:35 11:47
Half-Marathon 2:36:09 11:54
25km 3:12:20 12:22
Mile 16 3:21:33 12:35
Mile 17 3:35:10 12:39
Mile 18 3:52:45 12:55
30km 4:03:56 13:05
Mile 19 4:09:23 13:07
Mile 20 4:24:53 13:14
Mile 21 4:42:06 13:26
35km 4:55:47 13:36
Mile 22 4:59:48 13:37
Mile 23 5:27:05 14:13
Mile 24 5:51:54 14:39
40km 6:13:42 15:02
Mile 25 6:17:02 15:04
Mile 26 6:38:41 15:20
Finish 6:43:21 15:23

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