Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Rehab madness

Pain is a way of our body reacting from physical stress and telling us to stop and rest. Well, last July 24, after a 5-km warm up, i had to tell my trainer Mario Canjas that my left heel really really hurts. He normally tells me not to baby the pain, mind over matter.. But its the same pain I had before I left for New York which was relieved by following Dr. Bengzon's advise to do RICE - Rest, Ice, Comrpess and Elevate.
This setback is a major disppaointment since I'm training for the New York Marathon (NYM) this November 2008 and I am already doing mileage build up of 30-40 km a week.
I rushed back to Dr. Bengzon. The xray (photo) indicated a heel spur (bone outgrowth) and plantar fascitis and recommended this time, to do rehab. I went to see Dr. Bonifacio Rafanan (Medical City, tel 706-3649) who prescribed daily rehab for two weeks (tens, laser, heat packs, ultrasound, stretches and 20-min eliptical).
This is the third week of not runnig. Dr. Rafanan yesterday confirmed what my dorn therapist (Jo, the healer at 0918-9110035 or contact AWHAI at 753-1468) said - my left leg is LONGER than my right which caused the heel spur, My left leg was trying to compensate the imbalance. Plus, my left hip is higher due to childhood scilosis. He added MORE rehab exercises to address the lower back, hip and strengthen knee, soleus muscles, achiles heel. Total rehab protocol is now two hours long. The good news is, he said I can do the NYM!!! Aside from 3x a week rehab, I can now run on treadmill and hit the oval next week for 30-minutes light jog.
I'm trying to accelerate healing ... Polo-Tri Ria V recommended miracle ortho/acupuncturist Dr. Butch Ong (tel 435-8014) of Sante Center in 7 Masaya St. in Quezon City who has cured several triathletes and also nerve healer Miguel del Prado (who's now in Spain with polo team).
All in all.. I'm doing 3x a week rehab in Medical City, 30-min treadmill everyday, dorn therapy with Jo the healer, pilates with Cecile Sicangco (to strengthen CORE), 2x a week weights with Jocel, lets see how many times with Dr. Ong who I'm seeing on Saturday... this is madness!

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