Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Clark debuts @ Gweilos Bar

The whole family trekked to Gweilos Bar and Restaurant in Legaspi Village, Makati last Monday night to watch my 14-year old nephew Clark and his friend perform. They were the front act in Kitchie Nadal's gig (in photo - moi, the dad, Tita Flor and mom).
When Clark was younger, he joined Kitchie's band and jammed the song "Bulong" in concerts in Taiwan and Alabang. apprently he now competes in his school's Battle of the Bands (i.e. La Salle Zobel). It's actually my first time to see him perform in public. I remember that he used to be nudged and forced to play at home when there were guests. I was in fact shocked that he can belt out a tune! Well, I know he is a soon-to-be guitar legend but didn't know that he can also sing.
My other nephew, his brother, 8-year old Enzo (in the photo) was shy at first when he was called onstage to play the lead of "Smoke in the Water" by Deep Purple and he had to be pulled out later to stop playing to give way to Kitchi's show.
Clark will perform again next Monday on August 25 at 8:30pm in Gweilos Bar.

watch Clark perform:

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roca said...

Great going Clark!!!You're soon to be a great artist.