Monday, 7 July 2008

celeb sighting in New Yawk

My first day in New York last June 19 found me walking up to the Lulu Lemon outlet in the upper west side. I'm a fan of this Canadian-wear especially for yoga. As I was queueing to pay, I was intrigued by the guy behind me. First, he was the only guy in the store (note: for me Lulu Lemon, is a female store --well, I guess in Manila). Second he was wearing a leather jacket and it was quite hot outside. I gazed down to check his merchandise - he had in his arms several boxes of boxers shorts stacked together (mental note that Lulu Lemon carried boxers).. then looked up again at his face and stared since he really looked familiar... then, the boxes that he was trying to balance fell on the floor. That's when I realized it was Lawrence Fishburne! Hello! Gosh, didn't even help him collect his boxes. I was more like hyperventillating; more star struck. Dumb. Should have gathered up the courage to talk to him or at least have a picture taken with him. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind since he spent some time in the Philippines filming Apocalypse Now. He played the 17-year old boy Clear Miller in the movie. I could also say that am a fan of Morpheus, etc. He's the star in the one-man broadway show called "Thurgod" (photo taken on West 45th St.).

Other celeb sightings but onstage were Marisa Tomei in "Top Girls"; but missed Tony winner Deanna Dunagan in "August: Osage County".

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