Friday, 2 May 2008

must've mishap to be a bike warrior

Major reality check yesterday! Raeanna and I decided to simulate the upcoming Tri-event this weekend in Subic by doing the sprint distance swim-bike-run yesterday. It was pathetic! We did the whole thing in 4 hours!!! Well, it's a bit of an exaggeration… minus the mishaps and loooong transition times, maybe the total time is three hours (?).
We started off with the swim with coach Ria Langit present at Polo Club. We finished the 750m leg in 22:47 and Rae timed ~26 min. Note that we had to do a 600m warm up swim before the time trial (so the total swim was 1400m). It took some time for us to transition to biking. We said hello to Ninfa and Ricky who joined us for the bike/run leg and then trodded off to the parking lot to switch to bike gear (total of 30mins). When we were finally ready, Rae crossed over a rope and fell on her left side! So, we had to stop and attend to her abrasions (knee, elbow)….
Afterwhich we started our bike ride – entered Flame Tree (South Forbes) and biked the baby hills for 7-8km then crossed to Dasma to North Forbes. At around 10km, I flew off my bike on Cambridge Circle since I didn't see the hump on the left turn. I scraped my left knee (the icky photo) and my right leg has a long chain marking on the calf. We spent another ten minutes or so to do first aid. The scrape was bad and my wound kept bleeding throughout the ride.
We continued biking for another 10km around Dasma. Then headed off to Baby's house where we parked our bikes. She gawked upon seeing the blood trailing down my knee…. We then proceeded to run 5km. Well, more like pretended to run the 5km. At that time, it was already 11am. My right calf was cramping, Rae's heel hurt (she has plantar faciatis) and both Ninfa and Ricky sped off but recounted later that they were dehydrated and decided to drop by a friend house for a cool glass of water. Total run (more like Walk) distance was only 4.75 km.
After the run, we hopped on our bikes to go back to Polo around noon and stopped by the clinic to treat our wounds… we were starving then and dehydrated. It was absolutely hot at 32 degrees!! We're now thinking of doing a relay instead in the upcoming Bali Triathalon this end-June (instead of the individual Olympic) if we don't improve our pathetic time of 3-4 hours. Anyway, we've got warrior scars now so we're officially certified to be tri-candidates?
Ninfa has now posted a poll on who's wound is grosser. She got the bear-claw injury the other weekend in Anilao (right photo) ...

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