Thursday, 16 August 2007

Tessa's Day 1 on Celebrity Duet

"All for charity!" says Tessa Valdes who is one of the eight celebrities in the Philippine version of Celebrity Duet. This is a reality TV show combining celebrities of different backgrounds with professional singers and the elimination round is every Saturday. The show was created last year in the United States by Simon Crowell of the Americal Idol fame. I guess the local network got the franchise to air here.
Tessa always amazes me with the things she gets into – be it in triathalon, flamenco, feung sheui, breast feeding advocacy, etc – and mind you, she manages to excel all the time! Lets see how she fares with this new singing adventure! For the pilot last Aug 11, she sang Gwen Stefani's "My Sweet Escape" with pinoy RNB Kyl. Watch her by double clicking start button below and see why the three judges were delighted and said "you are enjoying yourself" and "you are the song!" If she wins, the 1-million prize money has already been earmarked to go to the Assumpion mission schools, the Auxillary Missionaries of Assumpiton, Street Pals for street kids, and the 81 foundation for day care. The first elimination round is this Aug 18, so vote now!!To vote send SMS "Duets Tessa" to 367 (Smart/TalkNText) and 2344 (Globle/Sun/Touch Mobile).

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DV said...

Great post. So funny cuz I blogged it also -

BTW, it's Cowell, isn't it? :-)