Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Weekend bout with Sacroiliac

Just sharing my wknd bout with sacroiliac dysfunction, low back pain (midline). Man, it was painful to walk or drive. I initially felt pain on my lower back brewing last Friday and the next day (Saturday), after my meeting in the afternoon, headed straight to the traditional chinese wellness center recommended by Zenaida Seva at Ortigas Center called Beijing Tong Reng Tang or TRT (tel# 638-4382), touted as the most authentic herbal pharmacy in China which is now in Manila.
A Dr. Wang diagnosed me by checking my pulse and tongue and assured me that pain will "go away." The treatment started with ox-horn scrubbing (guasha), cupping (ventosa) and then acupuncture with electric current and heat. He then prescribed an assortment of chinese herbs which was cooked in TRT and packed in an airtight plastic pouch (total of 14 pouches); and also prescribed a marble-size medicine called 'Tongren Dahuoluo Dan' to be swallowed whole. The protocol to be taken twice a day was to "expel wind-evil and relax the tendons" and to remove "pains in the limbs and trunk... stiffness of musles and joints, having difficulty getting about."
The first treatment somehow alleviated my lower back pain but it transferred to my right leg, radiating from my groin down my knees to my toes and it was very very painful to drive. So the next day, went back for another treatment. This time, Dr. Wang did acupressure on my back and then addressed the right leg area (groin-knee-toes) with acupuncture and electric current. Believe it or not, the pain instantly disappeared. But he said my lower back may take some time and recommended to have it x-rayed.
I trotted to Medical City right away to have my back checked and x-rayed. The resident said I had degenerative bone (L1-L2) and my problem is just muscular-skeletal and presciibed myonal (muslce relaxant), arcoxia (pain reliver) and of all things Voltaren (!!!) which has been taken off the shelf by FDA because it may cause serious cardio vascular side effects, such as MI or stroke, which may result in hospitalization and even death.
Unfortunately, this is my second misdiagnosis at the Medical City ER department. First time was 2001 when the ER doctor described my stomach pain condition as gastroenteritis and 3 days later, I was opened up for acute apendicitis at MMC. I showed my x-ray to chriopracter Dr. Sonny Uy last Monday who said that the xray indicated sacroiliac and did the usual cracking of bones (aligned my hips, etc). He said that I twisted my hips and need to be bedridden to avoid putting weight on my hips - i.e. no sitting, walking or diving.
The chinese herbs of TRT helped put me to sleep most of yesterday. So, now I'm okay (hopefully) and need one more adjustment with Dr. Uy.
According to Dr. Michael Amaral of, this ailment typically strikes 30s or 40s women who has had children. "It is thought that the relaxation of the sacroiliac ligaments necessary for childbirth does not fully reverse, and that a subsequent minor trauma may sublux (partially dislocate) the joint and cause pain." I'm more of the "younger women may develop sacroiliac problems as a result of sport or other injuries. The condition also occurs in men, but less frequently and usually from more severe injuries, often involving lifting while the trunk is in torsion." Ha ha... I don't know how Liana can bear the pain though. She has a similar problem but I guess more acute.


Jaffe said...

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purple said...

hi Rosan, great site u have here...wish i could collate something like it..anyway, i happen to have the same thing - the pain and all - only i guess mine is more intense as the pain is like as normal as i breathe, meaning its always there. i would like to know where Dr. Sonny Uy can be visited. Used to go to a wellness center before - Synergy MED,had the best acupressure that cured my pain(s) away. sadly they closed-shop already. would appreciate his cntact clinic. Thanks,

rosancruz said...

Hi Purple! Here's sonny's # is 633-4204. For accupuncture, try going to Gina Lee 0917 897-6978 or We Medicus on Jupiter (Makati) 897-3810.

purple said...

thanks so much....
will call for an appointment....Been to WE favorite doctor left for Beijing sometime June and is now in Switzerland...too bad :-(
great smile yo have there :-)