Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Pattabi Jois: "Are you Married?"

with Guruji, Pattabi Jois
Last Sunday was the last conference with Guruji and surprisingly, his favorite question to everyone is "are you married?". 

It seems that in the last three conferences marriage has been his favorite topic. He kept talking about marriage, bramacharaya and ramachari and at great length. I guess it is an important part of yoga - to be in a relationship.... to know yourself better through a partner....So at the end of the conference, when we were milling around the shala saying goodbye to everyone, one guy (Anguis) went down on his knees and proposed to me! Maybe if Liana and I stayed longer, we'd be married! As a side note - Guruji has officiated several weddings at the shala. 

with Sharath
Yesterday was also our last led this time with Sharath. It was intense. I placed my mat at the corner of the room before the office entrance (warmest spot, no draft) and there was a man seated in the office watching the whole primary led. I thought it was the brother of Guruji. And guess what, lo and behold - it was LINO MIELE!! I should have brought my book for him to sign.

Looking back, so many things have happened in a month's time at Mysore. Physically, I've toned down. My knee still hurts so I warm up by doing 3-4x ardha baddha-related poses before fully folding my leg up. Liana mentioned that I have 'yoga'arms already and told her its from all the chaturangas!

Note on pains - Guruji said yesterday that if you can hold an asana for at least 3 hours without any pain, then you're ready for meditation/pranayama. The energy generated through meditation would be intense that your body/mind should be able hold it.

So many more to tell - the transformations of people at mysore, the energy, etc... But most memorable will be Guruji and his favorite advise 'all is coming.. practice practice practice.."

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grumpyurbanslacker said...

weyt a minute, this Guruji dude who proposed to you is 92 years old???!?! What the....??!:D i'm stupefied!!

i thought it along he was the bearded guy in the pic, hindi pala. :D